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vizsla society

Promoting the health, quality and 
welfare of the Hungarian Vizsla

vizsla health

It is important that puppy purchasers are aware of the responsibilities of breeders and the standards of compliance being strived for, in order to safeguard the Vizsla. ensuring their health, quality and welfare.

about us

Approved and registered by the Kennel Club on 29th November 1972, the Hungarian Vizsla Society exists to try and protect and care for our wonderful breed in this country. We welcome input from members, whether it is comments and general feedback, new ideas, assisting or participating in one of our many events, contributions to the Newsletter… anything they feel they can share!

about our breed

Medium-sized and elegantly built, he is an outstanding all-purpose gundog combining an excellent nose with stable pointing, good retrieving, and a positive enjoyment of working in water. He has great stamina and is happy to work in all weather. He has an aristocratic air, with a lively but stable temperament. His short coarse, easy to care for coat is richly coloured in russet gold.