Elbow grading –  Source IEWG (International Elbow Working Group) Interpretation

Primary Lesions
UAP Ununited Anconeal Process
FCP Freagmented Coronoid Process
OC Osteochondrosis or Osteochondritis dissecans of the medial humeral condyle
INC Incongruency of more than 2mm between articular surface of Radius and Ulna
Other Lesions Avulsion medial humeral epicondyle
Mineralisation medial collateral ligament/origin flexor muscles

Elbow Dysplasia grade, based on the secondary arthrosis

Grade 0   No signs of arthrosis
BL Border Line: Undetermined changes
Grade 1   Osteophyte formation of less than 2 mm anywhere in the elbow joint
Grade 2   Osteophyte formation of 2-5 mm anywhere in the elbow joint
Grade 3   Osteophyte formation of more than 5 mm anywhere in the elbow joint

Note: The classification Grade 0 (or no detected primary lesion) does not imply that the animal is genetically sound.

Based on the current scientific knowledge EWG does not recommend breeding of arthrotic animals or animals displaying a primary lesions.

Please visit Code of Conduct Page for guidance on scores.  (Footnote No. 13 refers.)