HVS Show Judges
The Hungarian Vizsla Society is empowered by the Kennel Club to appoint Judges to judge the breed.

How to become an HVS Judge
If you wish to be considered by the Society to become a breed judge and be added to the HVS list you will need to download the HVS Judges Application Form, fill it in and send it to the Secretary.

Judges Annual Update
HVS Judges are encouraged to update details of their judging appointments on an annual basis.
Print out the HVS Judges Application Form Update  fill it in and send to the Secretary.  

For judges who wish to be considered for our A3 List and who need to attend a Field Trial or Working Test, we have now produced a form to be filled in and signed for your convenience. This can be downloaded HERE.

Judges Lists
Judges are appointed by the HVS to one of the lists (A, B or C lists) according to the Criteria for Judges.

Updates to Judges Lists
Judges lists are updated on a quarterly basis

HVS Judges Selection Process
The Hungarian Vizsla Society has a selection panel for choosing judges who are knowledgeable in the breed, whether breed specialists or non-breed specialists, with the integrity to judge without fear or favour. 

Our Selection Panel consists of experienced members who work closely with our Judging list maintainers, with the aim of selecting judges for our Open shows and Special Awards Classes who need the numbers to progress towards CC status and who have the support of the HVS.  Our Championship show judges are required to have a gap of at least 2 years since their last appointment in the breed.  Irrespective of the level of show, every member of the selection panel puts forward names for consideration & every name is discussed and voted on by the whole panel.   

As has been the case since our first ever shows, members of the HVS Committee & Show Sub-committee are permitted to enter and handle their own or others dogs under any judge officiating at our shows, our only stipulation being that lunch is not taken at the same time as the judge if showing/handling post-lunch.