By Verity Griffiths BSc(Hons) MA VetMB GPCert(SAS) GPCert(EM & S) MRCVS.

There is a lot of understandable concern and worry about this killer disease. However, Social Media has led to an escalation of hysteria surrounding CRGV. It must be remembered that this disease has no known cause at present but, one has to remember that it is fortunately extremely rare. 

The apparent increase in cases is possibly due to an increased awareness thankfully due to the great work by Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists who have led the way in research in this country. 

Their website should be referred to for updates on the current situation and for advice go to and their Stop the Rot Campaign. Generally, it appears the first signs are small skin sore that are generally on the legs and nose, then over the next few days the animal starts to demonstrate signs of kidney failure, vomiting, anorexia and listlessness. If you have a concern contact your vet immediately and they can start checking bloods and start treatment as soon as possible. Sadly, few survive and diagnosis is only following post-mortem examination. But, we remain vigilant and hopefully as time goes on, more information about the disease can be found.
​There have been comments posted on Social Media that the Vizsla is more susceptible to CRGV. 

However, as I personally see it is that the more actively exercised breeds , who are walked ,exercised, cycled within woodland areas e.g. pointers, vizsla, spaniels are going to be more prone due to demographics. 

Also vizsla owners do tend to be one of the most vigilant owners of any breed so more likely to pursue treatment/confirmation than some other folk so this skews the distribution of affected breeds. 

There appears to be protection in washing dogs which although the cause is not known, then as stated above, this would not support a hereditary component. It is a devastating disease but until they find the cause, random speculation could be detrimental to the breed.

Verity Griffiths
BSc(Hons) MA VetMB GPCert(SAS) GPCert(EM & S) MRCVS.