HVS Working Test held 12th May 2024 at Rickneys Gundog training ground in Hertfordshire 

The Hungarian Vizsla Society held their working test at Rickneys Gundog training ground in Hertfordshire by kind permission of Mr and Mrs A Wright.  

The Society would like to say a huge thank you to the judges, Jennifer hurley, Nigel Dear, Roz Dear, Susie Zarpenely and Susannah Mills and to our sponsors Test Valley Lanyards and Skinners Dog Food. 

Thank you to the field trial committee members, Donna Morse, Dawn Carter and Ros Swallow for all their hard work running their first working test.  

A massive thank you must go to all our helpers, stewards and dummy throwers who did fantastic during the very hot weather working hard all day! 

The weather was very hot, the ground perfect and the competitors all on good form.  

Well done to all the competitors and the results are as follows: 

1st Starshot Maverick WHV P Burdett 
2nd Aschfahl Kepa Spy von Trubon Wei S Burton 
3rd Cadanbyrig Winter Jewel GLP J Gallant 
4th Stubblemere Obsidian GSP F Fillingham 

Cadanbyrig Snow Dancer GLP F smart 

1st. Aschfahl Kepa Spy von Trubon wei S Burton 
2nd. Vizellven Eks Vanilli HV R Chellumbrum 
3rd. Nadorpuzstai Fuvola Luna HV J Grigonyte 
4th. Hookside Labda at Csúcspont HV T Medley 

U’tara Edelweims De La Claree Parhelis (Imp Fra) Wei A Morgan 
Wyrcan Faeger Aelf LM G Vallins 

1st. St Bertrand Des Grand Mauriers (Imp Fra) Wei A Lindley 
2nd. Disglairhill Apache GSP M Roger’s  
3rd. Northern Arrow’s Merry Maus von Trubon (Imp Fin) Wei S Burton 
4th. Bareve Buffelsberg GWP J Ayling 

Achouffe Fentons Fable SRHP F Bailey 
Blythehill Bottleman GSP J Carter 
Dorro vom Pfaffenbuck (Imp Deu) LM Fiona Smith 
Wyrcan Wenlic Draefend LM G Vallins