After the first request for people to contact me re the new Idiopathic Epilepsy Research – in the first 48hrs it looked as if it was going to be a good response -but sadly only 14 people have come forward to date.
If you are living with a Vizsla with Epilepsy, I beg you to get in contact with me. It is an illness that can cause misery for so many of our breed so I know there are many more out there.
There is no stress to your dog, its a cheek swab that is delivered in the post to you for you to do in your home, it’s very simple and instructions come with it. The Research co-ordinator will make contact with you- to ask a few questions and gives you a chance to ask some as well.
If you have contacted the Vizsla Health pages saying your Vizsla is epileptic, we will need you to contact me this time as it entails research and therefore different questions asked. So if you are one of those owners, Please Please get in contact as this is such important work for the breed.
No one is to blame at producing an Epileptic pup as we as yet have no test. We are hoping for that this research may eventually help a DNA test be developed so breeders can test their breeding stock before they go ahead and mate their dogs.
Although the Research starts in the New Year -we need names now that can be sent to the Coordinator- so they can contact everyone -and be ready to hit the road running at the start date.
I do hope you will contact me.
KC Breed Health Coordinator
Hungarian Vizslas” 

The Kennel Club Breed Health Coordinator has announced that new research into Idiopathic  Epilepsy is going to start in the new year.
“If your smooth haired Vizsla has Epilepsy and you are interested in being part of this exciting research to try and find the Gene/Genes responsible and hopefully then to eventually develop a DNA test – please contact me at so we can collate the info on those who are interested in helping the breed by taking part. Not everyone may be suitable, but only the research scientists can make that judgement.
Thank you in advance of your help.”
Sue Millson
KC Breed Health Co-Ordinator
Smooth Haired Vizslas