Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog    Entries 0   Absent 0


Class 2 – Puppy Dog   Entries 2  Absent 0
1st: Andronja’s Stradale – Morton, Milicevic & Burns, Ms A, Ms B, Mr & Mrs
2nd: Highforce Future Legend for Vizslanya – Challis, Mr S & Mrs K M

Class 3 – Junior Dog   Entries 2 Absent 0
1st: Andronja’s Stradale – Morton, Milicevic & Burns, Ms A, Ms B, Mr & Mrs
2nd: Vizslanya Kiraly Szving – Rollings & Verity, Mr P N & Ms A J

Class 4 – Yearling Dog  Entries 6 Absent 1
1st: Sargasbarna Salvo Del Pirospont – Roe, Mrs E
2nd: Debian Domination – Warnes, Miss D
3rd: Karaszy’s Glorious Legacy – Barrett, Mrs L
Res: Siriusbell Kialtas – Bernard, Mr A & Mrs C
VHC: Northey Emperor Del Acquadoro – Northwood, Mr M & Mrs S J

Class 5 – Novice Dog Entries 1 Absent 0
1st: Highforce Future Legend for Vizslanya – Challis, Mr S & Mrs K M

Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog  Entries 3 Absent 0
1st: Carnlochan Gregale – Macdonald & Drake, Mr H D & Miss A J
2nd: Vizlanya Vador by Viszaset – Green & Bradley, Miss N & Ms E M
3rd: Zahur Zambala – Underdown, Mr R & Mrs J

Class 7 – Limit Dog  Entries 9 Absent 1
1st: Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscote – Barnard, Mrs S handling for Mrs L J Townsend
2nd: Silvestre Blazing Saddles – Gibbons, Mrs L J
3rd:Ishmael Roughshoot – Bornett & Leigh, Mrs J M & Miss S
Res: Nevedith Tobasco – Mitchell, Miss S
VHC: Debian Domination – Warnes, Miss D

Class 8 – Open Dog  Entries 8 Absent 0
1st: Sh Ch Bitcon Sirocco at Tokaji (AI) JW – Hardy & Hallam, Mrs D & Mrs P
2nd: Sh Ch Ciboney Fagan at Shadymoore – Golby, Mrs A
3rd: Sh Ch Layways Strathross – Laton Y Howard, Mr S & Miss M L
Res: Tina Trading Neron at Karaszy (Imp Rus) – Burden Miss S
VHC: Sh Ch Ulurudawn Cardinal Marker – Griffiths & Scott, Ms V & Ms P

Class 9 – Field Trial Dog  Entries 2  Absent 0
1st: Szajani Szeder – Harris, Mrs S L
2nd: Flushpoint Lurko – Belton Mrs G

Class 10 – Veteran Dog  Entries 6 Absent 1
1st: Sh Ch Russetmantle Garcia at Alsziv – Digby, Mrs P A
2nd: Vizslanya Herceg – Challis, Mr S & Mrs K M
3rd: Zavis Loch Loyle – Bornett & Leigh, Mrs J M & Miss S
Res: Sh Ch Aldom Cameron JW ShCM – Price, Mrs R J
VHC:Ch Hookside Gabor – Northwood, Mr M & Mrs S J

Class 11 – Minor Puppy Bitch  Entries 4  Absent 0
1st: Roughshoot Juniper – Davies, Mrs B
2nd:Roughshoot Jubilation – Brett-Williams, Mr D
3rd: Bareve Painted Lady over Shadymoore – Golby, Mrs A
Res: Silvestre’s Jolene – Priestley, Mrs D & Mrs M

Class 12 – Puppy Bitch  Entries 11 Absent 1
1st: Kazval Media Puzzle at Crosscop – Waddell, Morris, Donaldson & Winkley-Balmer, Mr G, Mrs L, Miss C & Mr J
2nd: Highforce One Vision – Bradley & Green, Ms E M & Miss N
3rd: Pitswarren Rauzan Selga – Harper Mr J P & Mrs E J
Res: Bitcon Hermione – Hallam, Mr P
VHC: Recuerdo Monika – Aynsley, Miss G

Class 13 – Junior Bitch Entries 12 Absent 2
1st: Nicael Savanna – Wilks, Mrs M
2nd: Oakswarren Aurora – Watson, Mr P
3rd:  Vadaszfai Gubo for Pirospont (Imp Hun) – Roe & Grant, Ms E & Mr G
Res: Afanleigh Eve – Fishlock, Mr E G & Mrs C L
VHC: Highforce One Vision – Bradley & Green, Ms E M & Miss N

Class 14 – Yearling Bitch  Entries 6 Absent 0
1st: Pitswarren Zizi Jeanmarie JW – Harper, Mr J & Mrs E J
2nd: Alfizsbet The Wingless Bird – Whitfield, Mr D R & Mrs S
3rd: Arany’s Allegro – Moss, Mrs B
Res: Oakswarren Aurora – Watson, Mrs P
VHC: Nevedith Ring’O’Fire at Temeraire – Upton, Mrs E C

Class 15 – Novice Bitch  Entries 5 Absent 1
1st: Kazval Media Puzzle at Crosscop – Waddell, Morris, Donaldson & Winkley-Balmer, Mr G, Mrs L, Miss C & Mr J
2nd: Oakswarren Aurora – Watson, Mr P
3rd: Kincsem Royal Flush – Drysdale, Mrs C
Res: Karrouki Windlass at Torrumstep – Driver, Mrs J

Class 16 – Post Graduate Bitch  Entries 9 Absent 2
1st: Daxpack Henrietta – Barnard, Mrs S
2nd: Alfizsbet The One and Only – Whitfield, Mr D R & Mrs S
3rd: Carnlochan Sirocco – Sutherland, Mr G & Mrs C A 
Res: Afanleigh Anna at Karaszy – Burden, Miss S
VHC: CherryBower Abbey Road – Smith & McCathie, Ms J & Ms S

Class 17 – Limit Bitch  Entries 22  Absent 2
1st: Nicael Lola – Wilks, Mrs M
2nd: Daxpack Lush Lashes – Barnard, Mrs S
3rd: Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW – Bradley & Green, Ms E M & Miss N
Res: Pitswarren Nora Kovach JW – Harper, Mr J P & Mrs E J
VHC: Kincsem Pussy Galore – Rutherford, Ms S

Class 18 – Open Bitch  Entries 10  Absent 1
1st: Sh Ch Layways Lana Del Rey – Latton, Master S J
2nd: Sh Ch Afanleigh Sophie at Perllanside ShCM – Wall, Miss J
3rd: Nevedith Rugo Tzarina JW – Newton Miss E W
Res: Nichael Rochella at Alsziv – Digby, Mrs P A
VHC:Alsziv Maine with Szolnoki ShCM – Knight, Mr O J A & Mrs P A 

Class 19 – Field Trial Bitch  Entries 3  Absent 0
1st: Ch Szajani Sipos JW ShCM – Harris, Mrs S L 
2nd: Daxpack Thorn Bird – Barnard, Mrs S
3rd: Vizellven Ocean Zanta – Jones & Willson, Mr M B & Miss E

Class 20 – Veteran Bitch Entries 6 Absent 0
1st: Zavis Miami – Smith, Mrs B
2nd: Sh Ch Aldom Cristal – Price, Mrs R J
3rd: Sh Ch Nevedith May Queen ShCM – Newton, Miss E W
Res: Sh Ch Tragus Imperial Star Over Highforce JW ShCM – Bradley & Green, Ms E M & Miss N
VHC: Alfizsbet Bonny Dawn – Whitfield, Mr D R & Mrs S

Class 21 – Brace  Entries 5 Absent 2
1st: L Bell
2nd: Ms V Griffiths & Ms P Scott
3rd: Mr M B Jones & Miss E Willson

Class 22 – Team  Entries 0 Absent


I thank the committee of the Hungarian Vizsla Society for their invitation to judge their Championship Show – there is no higher honour. I thank each and every exhibitor for their entry and for turning out on the day in such large numbers. The large entry was of such a high quality that many lovely dogs had to go home unrewarded – I was spoiled for choice in most of the classes, and delighted with my final line-ups. I also thank my stewards for the day, Bill and Sue Ashcroft, who kept the ring running smoothly with their quiet efficiency. I had a marvellous day.

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries 0; Absent 0)Puppy Dog (2; 0)1st: Morton, Milicevic & Burns’ Andronja’s Stradale. Lovely well developed puppy with excellent length to height ratio, well off for bone, nice forechest and depth of brisket, stood on good legs and feet. Well laid back shoulder with good return of upper arm. Lovely free driving action from his well angulated rear. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Challis’ Highforce Future Legend for Vizslanya. Many of the same marks apply and was close up, just preferred the front angulation and body proportions of the winner.
Class 3 – Junior Dog   (2; 0)1st: Morton, Milicevic & Burns’ Andronja’s Stradale2nd: Rollings & Verity’s Vizslanya Kiraly Szving. Lots to like, well proportioned head which still needs to develop, good depth to chest with strong topline. Needs to strengthen behind.Yearling Dog (6; 1)1st: Roe’s Sargasbarna Salvo Del Pirospont. Well proportioned dog with excellent depth to chest and strong topline. Muzzle slightly short of ideal but good length of ear of correct shape. Well off for bone with tight feet. Free movement but rather proud of his tail which spoiled his outline.
2nd: Warnes’ Debian Domination. Very close up. I preferred his head proportions but did not have the forechest of one. Excellent length to height ratio and he held his topline well on the move. Still has some maturing to do. Feet were not as tight as the winner.
3rd: Barrett’s Karaszy’s Glorious LegacyNovice Dog (1; 0)1st: Challis’s Highforce Future Legend for Vizslanya.
Post Graduate Dog (3; 0)1st: Macdonald & Drake’s Carnlochan Gregale. This dog gave me a real dilemma as he was very thin, but you could see he was well constructed. He has a well proportioned head, reachy neck, strong topline, depth to chest and reasonable bone. He moved out really well which ultimately won him the class.
2nd: Green & Bradley’s Vizlanya Vador by Viszaset. Heavier all through and not the refinement of shoulder of the winner. He has a lovely head into a strong neck. Rather untidy on the move.
3rd: Underdown’s Zahur Zambala
Limit Dog (9; 1)
1st: Townsend’s Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscote. Really strong class. This dog was my star of the day – a really handsome dog, not overdone in any way. Excellent length to height ratio, lovely head proportions, excellent reach of neck in to well laid shoulders. Good return of upper arm, plenty depth to chest. Strong topline, well set on tail which he carried beautifully on the move. Super reach and drive, he strode round the ring with that effortless daisy cutting action, real economy of movement and so true coming and going. Dog CC and Best in Show – was delighted to discover this made him up. There is so much more to come from this dog as he fully matures. I shall follow his career with interest.
2nd: Gibbons’ Silvestre Blazing Saddles. Another lovely dog, head proportions are good but he is rather deep in flew. Ear set is correct and they are of good length and shape. Dark eye. Super forechest, strong topline, well let down hocks. Balanced angulation. Moved out well.
3rd: Bornett and Leigh’s Ishmael Roughshoot
Open Dog (8; 0)1st: Hardy & Hallam’s Sh Ch Bitcon Sirocco at Tokaji (AI) JW Another quality class. Very typy dog with excellent proportions, deep chest, high wither, strong topline. Good legs and feet. Moved out well, but was just a little wide in front coming towards me which cost him top honours.
2nd: Golby’s Sh Ch Ciboney Fagan at Shadymoore. Lovely headed boy with super reach of neck. Just found him slightly heavy in forehand but he has a good return of upper arm. Strong topline, sloping croup and well set on tail. very tidy on the move.
3rd: Layton & Howard@s Sh Ch Layways Strathross
Field Trial Dog (2; 0)1st: Harris’s Szajani Szeder. Handsome boy with pleasing head. Excellent depth and breadth to chest, moderate angulation with good lay of shoulder, level topline, moderate hind angulation. Moved out well.
2nd: Belton’s Flushpoint Lurko. Not the balance of the winner, being longer on the leg. Masculine head without coarseness, kind expression, lovely reach of neck. Not so tidy on the move.
Veteran Dog (6; 1)
1st: Digby’s Sh Ch Russetmantle Garcia at Alsziv. Quality dog. Masculine head with kind expression, lovely dark eye, adequate reach of neck into excellent shoulders. Correct length to height ratio, strong topline, correct tailset and carriage, excellent legs and feet. Moved out really well. Res CC
2nd: Challis’ Vizslanya Herceg. Another quality dog of correct proportions with excellent depth to chest strong topline and moderate rear angulation. Steeper in croup than 1 and was also rather loose in pastern.
3rd: Bornett & Leigh’s Zavis Loch Loyle
Minor Puppy Bitch (4;0)1st: Davies’ Roughshoot Juniper. Very elegant bitch of correct proportions. Very feminine expressive head with correct ear shape and length. Lovely depth to chest already with good legs and feet. Well coordinated on the move.
2nd: Brett-Williams’ Roughshoot Jubilation. Litter sister to winner and very similar in many ways. Slightly heavier all through and rather loose in movement. Needs to gain in confidence.
3rd: Golby’s Bareve Painted Lady over Shadymoore
Puppy Bitch (11; 1)
1st: Waddell, Morris, Donaldson & Winkley-Balmer’s Kazval Media Puzzle at Crosscop. Very pretty bitch, very feminine head of correct proportions with good earlength and set, lovely reach of neck, high wither. Excellent depth to chest, level topline, well ribbed back, tight feet. Lovely angulation fore and aft, moved out really well, Her tailset is rather high which spoiled her outline on the move. Well handled. Best puppy bitch. Preferred the bone and substance of the dog puppy for best puppy in show. I also hope she grows on a bit.
2nd: Bradley & Green’s Highforce One Vision. Close up to one and many of the same remarks apply. Lovely head, strong neck into well laid shoulders, however, not quite the length or return of upper arm as the winner and was consequently a little untidy in front. Liked her body proportions.
3rd: Harper’s Pitswarren Rauzan Selga
Junior Bitch (12; 2)
1st: Wilks’ Nicael Savanna. Gave her handler a hard time! Lovely headed bitch with dark eye, Good reach of neck into excellent shoulders, decent return of upper arm. Strong topline and moderate angulation. Deep chest and well ribbed body. Excellent legs and feet. Very tidy coming and going.
2nd: Watson’s Oakswarren Aurora. Another pretty bitch. Liked her head and expression. High wither, strong level topline, just not the depth of chest or return of upper arm as winner. Well ribbed back. Moved out well.
3rd:  Roe & Grant Vadaszfai Gubo for Pirospont (Imp Hun)
Yearling Bitch  (6; 0)1st: Harper’s Pitswarren Zizi Jeanmarie JW Very typy bitch. Particularly liked her head, reach of neck and depth of chest. Good width all through. Handler tended to stand her with a sloping topline, but on the move this was strong and level. Balanced angulation and this showed in her reachy movement.
2nd: Whitfield’s Alfizsbet The Wingless Bird. Close up to winner and many of the same remarks apply – lovely head and neck, good body proportions with excellent depth. Gave her handler a very hard time and just did not make the most of herself on the move.
3rd: Moss’ Arany’s Allegro
Novice Bitch (5; 1)1st Waddell, Morris, Donaldson & Winkley-Balmer’s Kazval Media Puzzle at Crosscop2nd: Watson’s Oakswarren Aurora3rd: Drysdale’s Kincsem Royal FlushPost Graduate Bitch (9; 2)1st: Barnard’s Daxpack Henrietta. Rather strong all through for a bitch but, that said, you cannot deny her quality. Beautiful front assembly, excellent legs and feet, deep chest, correct body proportions, sound driving movement.
2nd: Whitfield’s Alfizsbet The One and Only. Love her head and expression. Lovely topline and moderate rear angulation. Not the front assembly of the winner and carrying too much weight.
3rd: Sutherland’s Carnlochan Sirocco
Limit Bitch (22; 2)
A class of quality bitches and I was spoiled for choice.
1st: Wilks’ Nicael Lola. Beautiful bitch of such elegance. Lovely head, so well balanced and expressive, super front, excellent bone and feet, lovely body proportions, super depth, really stylish on the move. Res CC
2nd: Barnard’s Daxpack Lush Lashes. Very close up to one. Just slightly heavier made all through but with elegance and style. Liked her substance, balance and bone. Moved out well.
3rd: Bradley & Green’s Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW
Open Bitch (10; 1)1st: Layton’s Sh Ch Layways Lana Del Rey. Just what I was looking for in a Vizsla bitch. So elegant, lovely head of correct proportions, melting expression, dark eye. Excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders, depth and breadth to chest, balanced angulations fore and aft. So clean and tidy on the move. In the final challenge for best in show, it was nip and tuck between her and the dog. Bitch CC, Res best in show and Best Opposite Sex in Show. 2nd: Wall’s Sh Ch Afanleigh Sophie at Perllanside ShCM. Another quality bitch and close up for the res CC. Balanced, typy bitch of excellent proportions and angulation who moved out really well. Considered her in the challenge, just felt the CC and res CC winners had the edge on head proportions and ribbing.
3rd: Newton’s Nevedith Rugo Tzarina JW
Field Trial Bitch (3; 0)
1st: Harris’s Ch Szajani Sipos JW ShCM. Lovely bitch from any angle, so well balanced with excellent front and moderate hind angulation, moderate tuckup, strong topline. Strode out really well.
2nd: Barnard’s Daxpack Thorn Bird. Another lovely bitch of good proportions. Decent angulation, strong topline, good ribbing. Preferred the head and expression of the winner and although she strode out well, she was rather loose in front.
3rd: Jones & Willson Vizellven Ocean Zanta Veteran Bitch Entries (6; 0)1st: Smith’s Zavis Miami. I really liked this bitch. She has a classic outline, moderate all through and with a lovely balanced head and expression. Excellent depth and width of chest, strong topline, super bone and feet. Moved on a lovely easy stride. Considered her in the challenge but on the final move just didn’t have the verve and sparkle of my winners.2nd: Price’s Sh Ch Aldom Cristal. Belies her twelve years! Of a lovely make and shape, she has a very feminine head and expression, dark eye, she still has a strong topline, tight feet and she moved out well. A credit to her owner.
3rd: Newton’s Sh Ch Nevedith May Queen ShCM Brace (5; 2)1st: Bell’s beautifully matched pair, like two peas in a pod. Moved in perfect harmony on matching strides for their young handler.
2nd: Griffiths & Scott’s. Not as well matched in stride length as the winners but very similar in overall type and well matched.
3rd: Jones & WillsonTeam  (0;0) Heather McCormackJudge


I would like to thank the HVS for inviting me to judge the special award classes, we were made very welcome & the lunch was lovely. Many thanks to the exhibitors for the lovely entry & to my efficient stewards.

Class A Junior (11/2)
1- Highforce One Vision, 11 month old bitch, nice head, correct shaped dark eye, good angulation over all,straight front tight feet, correct tail set, coat in good condition, moved well keeping her top line.
2- Kazval Media Puzzle at Crosscop, 10 month old bitch, smaller build than 1 but just as nice, lovely head, eye of good shape but need to darken, well laid back shoulders,  level top line with correct tail set, straight front, nice feet, moved well, I would prefer more of her.
3- Afanleigh Eve.

Class B Post Grad (13/1a)
1-Sagasbarna Salvo Del Pirospont, nearly 2y old dog with good confirmation, masculine moderately wide head, lovely dark eye of correct shape,  neck flowed into well laid back shoulders, straight front, prominent breast bone, elbows close to chest, lovely feet, correct tail set, coat in good condition, well muscled, moved with good reach & drive, well deserved 1st.
2-Szajani Szeder, 2y old dog, another lovely dog, slightly taller than 1, masculine head, correct shape dark eye, good angulations, straight front, prominent breast bone, lovely feet, elbows close to chest, correct tail set, good coat & well muscled, Steady on the move but didn’t have the drive as 1st. 
3- Northey Emperor Del Acquadoro.

Class C Open (17/2a)
1-ShCh Layways Lana Del Rey, nearly 3y old bitch, female  head soft expression, correct shape dark eye, well lay back shoulders, level top line into correct tail set, straight front, prominent breast bone, well balanced overall, moved with good reach & drive keeping a level top line.
2-Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW, 2.5y old bitch, loved her head with soft expression, correct shape dark eye, arched neck into well laid back shoulders,straight front, prominent breast bone, good feet, short coupled, good coat, correct tail set, I just preferred the reach & drive in 1.
3- Ch Szajani Sipos JW ShCm.

Tracey McDonald