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2015 Calendars will soon be available

This year we have produced an Adult wall and desk and a Puppy wall and desk calendar for 2015.

To order please email stating which you would like and your details - including postal address.

Thanks again to Tash for 4 amazing calendars - all proceeds will be going to HVS Rescue.

Beware unofficial Rescue

It has come to our attention that there are a few websites offering Vizsla Rescue.

In the UK there are only two official (KC registered) Rescue centres: HV Society Rescue and HV Club Welfare. Both work to rehome any Vizsla of any age and work on a donation basis.

For further details about rehoming please contact Society Rescue or find the details of Club Welfare on their website.

HELP from everyone needed - PLEASE!

Please everyone help us with this unique opportunity to eliminate PM (Polymyositis) from our beautiful breed.

DNA is needed from affected Vizslas; their Sire, Dam and siblings.

The DNA is going to Clare Rusbridge (vet neurologist) to help find a genetic marker for PM. When a marker is found this will result in a test being available for individual dogs.

There is a list of affected Vizslas here (click on the dogs name to see the pedigree) or contact Di Addicott on 01576 202258 (please leave a message) to find out if your Vizsla's DNA is needed.

You can get a DNA collection kit preferably from Di or directly from Clare.

This DNA collection is nothing to do with toenail clippings or the DNA sent to the Animal Health Trust for epilepsy research.

Please help us to help the Vizsla and rid our breed of PM so that Vizsla breeding can stop being a lottery and we can breed with our eyes open.

Please contact Emma Faulkner (Vizsla owning vet) if you have any other queries or have previously felt unsure about PM. Emma says "I will help as much as possible in a totally unbiased way."

Emma Faulkner BVetMed MRCVS

HVS Contacts

Have a look on the Who's Who page for contact information.


HVS Open Show 2014

The HVS Open Show will be held on Sunday 2nd Nov 2014 at The Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry. Our judges will be Nicola Green (HVS Open Sh) and Sarajane Rutherford (Angela Boys Memorial SAC). Online entries may be made via Fosse Data or contact the Secretary for a paper schedule.

HVS Field Trials 2014-15

The HVS will be holding 7 field trials this coming season. Click to download schedule, entry form and new standing instructions.

Buying a puppy - beware!

When you go to buy your puppy please make sure that the name on the KC papers agrees to the breeder you are buying from and the address is where you picked the pup up from. If you have any concerns then please inform the Society or the Club.

Puppy Ads & Stud dogs

The Puppy Ads service is now up FREE for members. Click HERE for more.

We have also introduced a page for advertising stud dogs owned by members. Click HERE for more,

If you are thinking of buying a puppy; we have compiled a list of questions, in a check list, to help in interviewing prospective breeders - click here.

Facts and figures can be clarified via the
HV Society and Club.

Membership update

Need to update your membership details?
Click here to download the form.

We have a new bank account; Click here for new standing order mandate form.

Why we need your membership

Membership is not just for people who show and/or work their Vizslas - it is for owners who care about the breed and for prospective owners who are interested in the breed.

We aim to protect the future of this wonderful breed and we need your membership in order to continue doing this.

If there were no breed clubs, none of this would be possible. You may not have the time to help us, but just by being a member of a breed club, you are supporting the breed that we love so much.

HVS Judging list

The HVS judging lists and questionnaires are currently being updated. Please contact the Hon Secretary for any information you require.





2 Nov 2014
- HVS Open Show at Ryton
3 Nov 2014 - HVS Open FT at Bunwell
12 Nov 2014 - HVS All aged FT at Stoke Rochford
17 Nov 2014 - HVS Novice FT at Launton
1 Dec 2014 - HVS All aged FT at Bletchingdon
14 Jan 2015 - HVS Open FT at Kingham Hill Farm
26 Jan 2015 - HVS Novice FT at North Lodge Farm