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Vizsla Rescue exists to help re-home dogs whose owners don’t want them any more – for whatever reason.
Run entirely on a voluntary basis, the HVS Vizsla Rescue provides a temporary sanctuary for an unwanted dog, ensure that it is cared for and healthy while actively seeking to find a new, loving home.

The circumstances of the owners often change: separation, redundancy, increased pressure at work can all lead to the dog not getting the time and attention it needs. Children, illness, death are other contributory factors as well as the fact that some Vizslas are just not wanted anymore.

The HVS Rescue works closely alongside the Hungarian Vizsla Club pooling its resources when needed. They provide the resources to enable:

  • Collecting of Vizslas
  • Visiting new homes
  • Interviewing of new owners
  • Providing of temporary or foster homes
  • Telephone support talking to people most of whom are at a difficult crossroads in their own lives
  • Taking calls from people who show an interest in offering a home for a Vizsla and establishing that it will be a good and permanent home
  • Providing information for those who want to know more

Vizsla Rescue is run entirely by volunteers on a non-profit basis, but running costs are high; food, vets bills and administration need to be paid for. Luckily, many are willing to contribute to this effort and it is only the generosity of these individuals that allow the Vizsla Rescue to continue its vital work.

Where is Vizsla Rescue:

The main coordinator is Sylvia Cox, her address is

Poplar Farm,
NG33 5AE

Tel: 01476 530487

the other coordinator is Amanda Roche, her address is

Moor Hall Farm
Gladwin Mark
S45 0LR

Tel: 01629 733440

How you can help the Vizsla Rescue:
Your contribution is vital: if you would like to help or raise funds, please contact the Rescue Co-ordinator.

Need to Re-Home your Vizsla?
If you have a Vizsla that you wish to re-home, do not hesitate to contact the Rescue Co-ordinator. You will be required to complete and sign the Rescue Disclaimer and Rescue Dog Personality forms which are available by clicking the appropriate wording above – the Rescue Co-ordinator can also do this for you and will help you complete the forms.

Want to Donate to Vizsla Rescue?
If you would like to help contribute financially to costs incurred to rehoming the dogs that come into our care
; please send your contribution to our Treasurer:

Mrs Amanda Roche
Treasurer Hungarian Vizsla Society
Moor Hall Farm
Gladwin Mark
S45 0LR